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Melanie + Zach // Manayunk Brewing Co. Wedding

Melanie + Zach are two of the sweetest and funny people I’ve met this past year that came to me through a long line of amazing other couples!

I just love the way Melanie wrinkles her nose when she laughs at Zach. I MAY have been a little obsessed with her gorgeous dress and a liiiiiiiitle jealous of her eyebrows haha. Girl, you have amazing eyebrows.

We drove all over Philadelphia with them and their fabulous bridal party – all decked out in black – can’t go wrong. Rodin Museum is one of my favorite spots in Philly. We made fun of Zach and his attempts to spin Melanie on the steps haha!

Their ceremony was held at a very old small church that was just beautiful, followed by their reception at Manayunk Brewing Co. Such a cool little neutral space that anything can be added to. With the help of my ladies Meghan and Kristin at Kyle Michelle Weddings, the day was flawless!


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    Kristin + Erik // William Heritage Winery Rustic Backyard Wedding

    It all started with a little picture of a little girl. Dad’s favorite photo of Kristin. Cue the tears already, it’s fine. I have dreamt about Kristin and Erik’s wedding day for TWO YEARS and I’m happy to say, every second lived up to it. I love Kristin and her sister Brittany. I love how they love each other. I hope my girls love each other like this one day. This woman became a mama TWO WEEKS before the wedding y’all. She’s the most amazing super hero big boss mama ever!

    Kristin and Erik’s wedding day was held at Erik’s family’s vineyard in Mullica Hill, New Jersey – William Heritage Winery. A beautiful little vineyard and farm with a rustic backyard wedding was just what my soul needed. Erik reminds me so much of my husbands best friend, I feel like I’ve known him my whole life. Almost as long as Kristin has. These two have loved each other for TEN YEARS. They grew up together. Blows my mind. Kristin is the most loving and selfless woman. She takes care of special needs children and I just don’t think her heart can get any bigger.

    Friends and family meandered through the vines to this gorgeous little oasis for their ceremony. Cue more tears. Kristin can’t keep it together and neither can we. After the ceremony we went off on a tractor ride with Kristin and Erik and their bridal party. These two just exude pure joy, it’s electric to be around. They feel like home. Home is a very powerful concept and force for me personally. The place you grew up with the people you’ve known forever is the perfect place to get married, hands down.

    Their first dance as husband and wife – COME ON. The way Erik looks at her could melt all our hearts. Speaking of those big hearts again – the amount of LOVE that flowed through Kristin’s dad as he thanked his wife, Kristin’s mom, for everything she has been for their family….ok cue more crying. A standing ovation. She deserves it ten fold. That woman fell off a ladder two days before the wedding and made it with some bruising and looked like a million dollars doing it. Phenomenal woman. Erik’s mom got to dance with all three of her boys. What a gift to have three happy and healthy boys and now a daughter.

    This day couldn’t get any better. I am so honored to be a part of something so special to these two and their families. I hope we are good friends for a very very long time and my kids get to play with their kids among the vines while we drink rosé. What a dream!


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    • Marie HopkinsThese photos show that this was a beautiful wedding for a beautiful, special couple. They are so lucky to have the support of their amazing families and friends.  Thank you for sharing. ReplyCancel

    • Dot And David BECKETTWhat a beautiful beautiful wedding for an amazing couple who have a lifetime of happiness ahead  Two supportive loving families to follow in wishing you all the best and it’s been a pleasure to have met you !ReplyCancel

    Sinclair + Pat // Backyard Shore Wedding Mantaloking, NJ

    There is just so much I loved about Sinclair and Pat’s backyard wedding. From the compass escort cards to the larger than life peonies, and the unbeatable scenery. From the first time we spoke, I knew Sinclair and Pat were my kindred spirits. Their wedding day mirrored so much of Adam and I’s own wedding day, there was no way we couldn’t work together. It was meant to be.

    I always like when a couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day to be as private as I can make it. It’s the only time of the day you can be alone even for 5 minutes and take it all in. As much as I tried to find a little secluded spot for Sinclair and Pat, Sinclair’s dad happened to just come back from the beach at just the right time, so obviously we had him jump in for a photo as soon as they saw each other. ;)

    The ceremony took place in a little old church built in 1889 a few blocks from her families home and everyone walked back over to Sinclair’s grandparents home for the party. In the meantime, we took a boat ride for some more photos and arrived to cocktail hour in style. Under a gorgeous white tent surrounded by the ocean on a beautiful June evening, these two celebrated their love with their family and friends in the best way. There were some incredible dancers out there and Sinclair’s grandfather set off a canon at sunset! What an amazing day.


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      Maria + Jill // Spring Farmhouse Wedding Hamilton Manor

      If I had to choose two people who are perfectly matched for each other in every way, it would be Maria and Jill. Their love is the kind of love that moves mountains. It gives us all hope for the future. It aches deep in your heart when you see the way they look at each other. The way they respect and take care of each other. Lord I could go on and on about how their love makes me feel, you’d think it was my wedding day and I married them both. I feel like I did anyway haha!

      Jill’s reaction when she saw Maria walk down the aisle made me ugly cry so fast I had to check myself. THAT right there, is the overflowing of love you can’t put into words.  Listening to the toasts from Maria’s sister Dom and Jill’s brother Cody made their love story all the more real to me. I love hearing how my couples meet and how they fell in love and how sometimes real life can get in the way. It happens to us all. They have had some insane obstacles to overcome in their lives and they’ve accomplished so much individually and together. It’s funny to think they fought it for as long as they did because it’s obvious to all of us that they were meant to be. Plain and simple. That is the love you spend your whole life wishing and hoping and fighting for and man do these women deserve every last drop of it.

      Maria and Jill – you have change my life in a way I can’t describe. Thank you. THANK YOU for bringing me into your intimate world and sharing it all, eyes and hearts wide open. Never be afraid to be vulnerable with each other. Never take each other for granted. And never EVER lose that love we can all see when you see each other <3 XOXO

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        Lauren + Ben // Industrial Chic La Peg Philadelphia Wedding

        My Humans got Married! 

        Lauren and Ben’s industrial chic wedding affair is easily one of my all time favorite wedding days EVER in the history of weddings. I was introduced to these amazing humans by Meg + Brandon. You may remember their hurricane wedding in Avalon a couple years ago. ;) Lauren and Ben’s gorgeous ceremony, (thanks to my ladies at Papertini), was at La Peg overlooking the Ben Franklin Bridge. Seriously one of the coolest venues in Philadelphia!

        Their studly puppy Parker was with us at their engagement session in Fishtown and also made a cameo on Lauren and Ben’s wedding invitations! He showed up for a few portraits at Race Street Pier too. I mean, he’s pretty fabulous BUT his humans were stunning us all with Ben’s custom suit and Lauren’s modern fitted gown and blue Manolo’s. That’s right. FIRE, people.

        Ben’s reaction to seeing Lauren on their wedding day melted our hearts. I’m also a little obsessed with Lauren, I can’t lie. Did you SEE her? With the Ketubah signed, and light bulb smashed, Ben decided to surprise Lauren with another diamond band right after their ceremony! WHAT?! Who IS this man, am I right??

        We danced the night away while these two rocked it on stage with their band. A pizza truck AND a popsicle truck spent the evening feeding us all the deliciousness under a beautifully lit night in Philly. Can’t beat it.


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