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Maria + Jill // Spring Farmhouse Wedding Hamilton Manor

If I had to choose two people who are perfectly matched for each other in every way, it would be Maria and Jill. Their love is the kind of love that moves mountains. It gives us all hope for the future. It aches deep in your heart when you see the way they look at each other. The way they respect and take care of each other. Lord I could go on and on about how their love makes me feel, you’d think it was my wedding day and I married them both. I feel like I did anyway haha!

Jill’s reaction when she saw Maria walk down the aisle made me ugly cry so fast I had to check myself. THAT right there, is the overflowing of love you can’t put into words.  Listening to the toasts from Maria’s sister Dom and Jill’s brother Cody made their love story all the more real to me. I love hearing how my couples meet and how they fell in love and how sometimes real life can get in the way. It happens to us all. They have had some insane obstacles to overcome in their lives and they’ve accomplished so much individually and together. It’s funny to think they fought it for as long as they did because it’s obvious to all of us that they were meant to be. Plain and simple. That is the love you spend your whole life wishing and hoping and fighting for and man do these women deserve every last drop of it.

Maria and Jill – you have change my life in a way I can’t describe. Thank you. THANK YOU for bringing me into your intimate world and sharing it all, eyes and hearts wide open. Never be afraid to be vulnerable with each other. Never take each other for granted. And never EVER lose that love we can all see when you see each other <3 XOXO

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